[mythtv-users] PVR500 in a Pundit?

Christopher David Petersen christopher.david.petersen at gmail.com
Thu Apr 14 21:15:34 UTC 2005

On 4/13/05, Niklas Brunlid <nbr at ticalc.org> wrote: 
> As I'm probably about to replace the PVR250 in my Pundit I have to decide
> between a new 250, a 150 (or 150MCE or 150LP), or a 500. Has anyone used a
> 500 in a Pundit (old or new)? Is it a tight fit? The 250 fits but there is
> less than 1mm between the edge of the card and the metal case...
> / Niklas

 I also would like to know if the PVR-500 will fit into the Pundit.
 Interesting that your PVR-250 has 1mm clearance in your Pundit. I have to 
contort my Pundit case to insert the PVR-250 and the card has less that zero 
clearance (I'm probably stressing the PCI riser card). I wonder if the 
Pundit's PCI slot is in violation of the PCI mechanical spec. or the 
 I find that the Pundit is nearly a perfect low-cost machine for MythTV. Its 
only drawbacks are:
- the PCI card size problem
- the lack of optical sound ports on the back
- the lack of FireWire on the back
- the lack of linux drivers for the 4-in-1 card reader
- single IDE header, single serial header
 But for only $130 you get a lot of what you need for a MythTV box:
- Svideo, Composite, DVI, and VGA out.
- small, quite form factor
- integrated CPU fan
- good linux driver support (except the 4-in-1 reader)
- Integrated LAN
- Integrated LPT port (for useful LEDs 
http://poormug.bitbucket.com/node/7/15#comment-15 )
- socket 478 support for Northwood processors (much lower heat)
Christopher David Petersen
 MythTV 0.17 (from Jarod's guide)
Asus Pundit (frontend & backend)
2.4 GHz Celeron
768 MB DDR333
200 GB Maxtor HD
PVR-250 w/ RS 15-2116 remote
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