[mythtv-users] pvr-350 recording at 720x480 question

Larry Symms lsymms at comcast.net
Thu Apr 14 17:52:18 UTC 2005

Could someone suggest to me the proper way to configure X, ivtv, myth 
recording profiles, etc to enable recording at 720x480?  I've attempted 
to do this and I'm getting some erratic behavior so I'd like to hear 
suggestions before I go into too much depth about my issues.  I 
installed from knoppmyth r5a12.  I'm using kernel 2.6.9-chw-4, mythtv 
.17, and a pvr-350 with ivtv0.2.0-rc3b (but would like to go to ivtv 
0.2.0-rc3i so I can use my new pvr150 at some point).

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