[mythtv-users] gave up on the Epia

Jonas Pedersen jonas at chown.dk
Thu Apr 14 15:23:47 UTC 2005

Matt Sullivan wrote:
> I avoided upgrading to the new driver due to negative early reports, but 
> I should really try the new one, see if it helps.
> I have everything running through TV-out on the VIA board. I am running 
> at 800x600. Dont have my exact xorg.conf to hand, but I'm using PAL.

Reason for asking is that when I run tv-out in 800x600 in overscan, the 
image is a bit too far to the right. I did not see it before I was 
watching a recording with the logo in the upper right corner and a part 
of the logo was missing. Have not been able to adjust this anywhere in 

Do not know if you have this problem, if you don't I would be glad to 
see you xorg.conf file.

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