[mythtv-users] "unknown socket" error with Xbox frontend

Phill Edwards philledwards at gmail.com
Thu Apr 14 12:55:00 UTC 2005

> You may want to double and triple check your settings.  I had a case
> where the path to my recordings share on my backend was incorrect.
> For example, the default path includes the hostname:
> \\%h\your_recordings_share
> I have no idea where it gets that hostname from, but it was getting
> putting the hostname for that path but it some how wasn't able to
> connect that with a correct ip address and was therefore not able to
> access any recordings.  Replacing %h with the actual ip address fixed
> that.

I'm pretty sure the setting is correct, but I will check again. Am I
right in thinking that the host in the smb:// string MUST be the same
as the hostname in the recorded table? So for example, if the value in
the table is elm.edwards.home does the smb:// string have to be
elm.edwards.home rather than just elm?

I'm asking this because XBMC doesn't seem to be able to resolve the
full name when mapping to Samba drives, it can only resolve elm. (The
other PCs on my LAN can resolve both). I'm wondering if this is part
of my problem. Don't know how to fix it, though!


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