[mythtv-users] Storage space and PVR-250

Derek Tattersall tatters at newsguy.com
Thu Apr 14 03:00:59 UTC 2005

I appreciate the help I've been getting here. I am a complete newby to
the world of computer video.

I just noticed that when mythtv records the program from my PVR-250 the
resulting nuv file is of a reasonable size (about 1Gb per hour of
video). After the program is finished, mythtv transcodes that file into
something that is hideously large, about 27Gb per hour of video, still
called a nuv file. What formats are these files?

What option controls this, and how do I disable it?

I just went through the front and back end setup menus and I didn't see
anything that looks likely. I am obviously missing something, but what?


Derek Tattersall

On Wed, 2005-04-13 at 18:33 -0500, William Powers wrote:
> Try this:  Go into the default recording profile for the PVR250 and set 
> your resolution to 352x480 and your encoder bitrate to 2200 
> kbit/second.  That's about the absolute minimum bitrate/resolution combo 
> I've found to be usable for standard TV.  YMMV.  Record something and 
> try watching it over your 802.11b link.  If the playback is jerky, then 
> you'll probably need to upgrade to 802.11g or faster, regardless of 
> whether you like the picture quality or not.
> If the playback is smooth, but you can't stand the picture quality, try 
> increasing the bitrate without increasing the resolution and see if you 
> can find a setting that works for you.  If you must increase the 
> resolution (to, say, 480x480), then you will have to substantially 
> increase the bitrate (eg., I use at least 4500 kbps/sec at 480x480 or 
> better).  The more you must increase the bitrate, the less the chance 
> that 802.11b is going to work for you.
> Good luck!
> Bill
> Derek Tattersall wrote:
> >I just set up a mythtv box using a pvr-250 as the capture card. I
> >scheduled a recording of a 1/2 hour tv show, and it worked well. When I
> >played back the recording it looked great. So far so good. However that
> >1/2 hour recording takes up 13gb on my disk. I would like to find a more
> >efficient way to store recordings even if I have to sacrifice some
> >quality.
> >
> >How do I set up mythtv to reencode the recordings to a more space
> >efficient format?
> >
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