[mythtv-users] Going to be changing cable services

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Wed Apr 13 21:06:42 UTC 2005

Phil Bridges wrote:
> I am on the verge of moving, and will be changing my cable service
> provider.  As a result, my lineups will be changing.  Other than
> (obviously) having to update my zap2it listings, what else will
> change, and what else will I need to keep my eyes on?

Nothing really. When you run mythtv-setup you can answer no to the
first question and yes to the second. After you create your new
source, you will still need to go into Input Connections to associate
the new source with the inputs. None of your recordings or previously
recorded info will be touched. However, things that were recorded
on stations that you don't have anymore will show a number in place
of the callsigns (it's possible that they may show the callsign
of the new station for the same channel).

It's possible that All or Find* rules may still work but you may
have to recreate Single, Timeslot, Weekslot and Channel rules so that
they have the correct channel information. The best way to do this
would to go to Manage Recordings->Set Priorities to create new rules
for your shows on their new stations and remove your old rules.
Creative use of "O" for upcoming lists and "I" for the options
pages should make this fairly easy.

The New Titles list will still work but it will be heavily weighted
with titles from any new stations that you didn't receive before.
While the results may be skewed at first, you may want to check
this frequently the first few days and weeks to discover things
on your new stations. Search Channels may be time well spent too.

--  bjm

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