[mythtv-users] Recording New Battlestar series

Larry Symms lsymms at comcast.net
Wed Apr 13 12:35:25 UTC 2005

You might be able to fake that you have all the old recordings by 
manipulating the database.  Is it worth it?  Probably not.  You're 
better off going through mythweb and setting all season 1 Battlestar's 
to not record (great series BTW).  You can go as far into the future as 
you have data for (for me that's 10 days).

>I only want to record the new battlestar galactica series.  Is there a
>way I can specify this in myth?  Essential, I want to record all
>battlestar galactica playing at anytime on channel scifi.  When I
>tried this, I kept getting the old series recorded as well.

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