[mythtv-users] Will MythTV-Xbox(Debian) pooch the rest of my xbox functionality?

Brian Meehan emt244671 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 12 21:09:00 UTC 2005

It's not so scary, really. The installer (4.5, at least) is quite
clear about what it will do.

My Xbox is set up with a 17.5GB drive. C: is the system partition, E:
is for save games (TDATA, UDATA, 90x26), apps (XBMC and Avalaunch) and
a 2GB "linux" file in a folder called debian. F: is where all my
emulators live.

Select the option in the installer marked "Install to Game Save
partition". It's really very straight forward. I use XBMC as my
dashboard, so I modified the My Videos link on the main screen as a
shortcut to launch "E:\Debian\default.xbe"

I've done 3 xboxes like this already, and have 3 more in line for when
I get home next week. You won't be disappointed. Buy a decent remote,
though. Don't cheap out and get the crappy 42 button one. Also, don't
forget to share out your /video partition as NFS (/etc/exports) on the
MythBackend, and make sure that you assign permissions in MySQL to let
all clients on your network access the mythconverg DB. That's on the
archives, if you need help. It's also in Robert K's documentation on
mythtv.org and probably somewhere on the Mythtv.info wiki


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