[mythtv-users] newbie introduction

PAUL WILLIAMSON pwilliamson at mandtbank.com
Tue Apr 12 15:12:06 UTC 2005

>>> "Richard Legault" <rich.lega at gmail.com> 04/12/05 10:53 AM >>>
> I am the newest newbie here, I don't even have a box set up 
> yet. Parts are on order for the lirc input and output, tuner card 
> will be ordered this week or next. I do have a couple of things that

> I  have to ask... 

Welcome aboard.  Say goodbye to your free time, as you'll 
be spending most of it now playing with the coolest techie 
toy around.

> My current VCR gets its program guide information from the TV 
> signal itself (I have analog cable). Does MythTV have that 
> capability or plans for it?

Are you using the VCR+ information?  Myth uses guide data 
from Zapt2It (in the US).  You only need a pokey dial-up 
connection to download the guide data at least once every 
few days.  You can download it nightly as well.

> Do I really need to get a sound card if I don't have a sound 
> system external to the TV set?

How do you suggest to get sound out of your machine?  I'm 
almost positive your motherboard will have some kind of 
sound out.  I don't have a special sound card for a couple 
of myu machines - I just use the headphone out and use 
one of those 1/8" jack to two RCA (stereo) type jacks and 
plug those into my television input 1 sound input.

> I have a spare computer (1.5G Celeron w/ 128M) with an 
> onboard soundcard. I am planning on getting a PVR-500 
> and a GeForce video/TVOUT card.

That will make a fine backend.  It may get a little annoying 
as a dual use (frontend/backend) machine, but it's more 
than up to the task of recording (as all the encoding 
is done on the PVR-500).  GeForce card is good, but you 
should also check out the FX series - preferably fanless.


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