[mythtv-users] My channel Listings are all 1 hour off.

Derek Tattersall tatters at newsguy.com
Mon Apr 11 00:00:19 UTC 2005

I just installed mythtv, and it went pretty well all things considered. 
I know a little more abut mysql than I did before, and the play tv 
function works perfectly. The whole process of configuring the video 
card and stuff went well. Distributing video across my network works 
perfectly. On the whole I am pretty happy with mythtv right now.

I  do have one problem though. I used  DataDirect for the channel 
listings. All channel listings are one hour off. Any tv show that comes 
on at 10:00 shows up in the listings as coming on at 9:00. I suspect 
that daylight savings time is involved in this somehow, but I do not 
know how. Does anyone out there have any suggestions for how to solve 
this? Where should I start looking for how to solve this?

Further information if it helps: I live in Greensboro NC (EDT) and my 
cable company is Time Warner.


Derek Tattersall

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