[mythtv-users] Australian XMLTV grabbers

dean collins dean at collins.net.pr
Sun Apr 10 14:41:46 UTC 2005

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> On 10/4/05 9:18 PM, "dean collins" <dean at collins.net.pr> wrote:
> > A little - OT.....but
> > I don't get exactly what Ice are providing to the topfield boxes?
> The television broadcasters don't *always* provide the guide
> and
> in most cases when they do it is only for the current and next program
> (so-called Now and Next). It is rare for a station to provide even a
> worth of day, though I believe some Channel Nine's do.
> Icetv provides a way to insert up to 7 days worth of FTA data into the
> Topfield and other software PVRs - including MythTV soon once they
> some documents and a grabber.
> Joshua King
Wow that's weird, they certainly did when I lived in Australia (though I
think it was 5 days)

I know it was annoying sometimes because you couldn't program something
a week away.

Why did they drop this (I moved to NY 12 months ago) so must have been
after this.

I was using a strong 5290 HD set top box


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