[mythtv-users] Samba or NFS?

David Morrison themorrisons at btconnect.com
Sun Apr 10 07:46:07 UTC 2005

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Tony Godshall wrote:

> According to Will Dormann,
>> Graham Dunn wrote:
>>> The problem here isn't so much the samba/nfs decision as the
>>> wireless. In my experience, nfs handles the packet loss you see
>>> in wireless connections much more poorly than SMB does.
>> I'm no expert on the subject, but from what I've read if you set
>> up NFS to use TCP rather than UDP, it can handle poor quality
>> network connections better.
> Here's a question- given wireless' packet loss issues, why mount a
> remote drive at all? Surely one of the streaming protocols would
> do a better job.
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I totally agree here, using RTSP would be great in MythTV. I saw an
article posted here a while ago from someone saying they'd installed
vlc and how that would help performance to a remote front end. How, I
have no idea because you're mapping a smb/nfs share to your local
system! How's that going to improve performance?

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