Suggestions for a ATA/133 controller, was: [mythtv-users] Is xfs flaky or is it my drive. Fedora Core 2, XFS, Myth .16 and .17

Tom Dixon tdixon at
Sun Apr 10 04:10:06 UTC 2005

The good news is I have solved the mystery of my flaky XFS.  I went a got a
new drive, assuming the 200GB drive was failing.  I read the book this
time.. Learned that if you don't have an ATA/133 controller, then anything
over 137 GB is too big, and when you access the space on the drive over
137GB unpredictable things happen.... mystery solved. Course it's never as
easy as you might think.

Went to Compusa, got a generic ATA/133 controller, Compusa Brand (they had
that and one other off brand).  Its an 8212 controller.  Put it in, boom,
nothing works.  Round and Round, but the net is this is seems to be a not
linux friendly ATA/133 controller.

So - I ask the intelligent collective, what ATA/133 controllers you have
found to work out of the box with Fedora core 2 and 3 and/or any good driver
solutions to the 8212?

tdixon at

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Subject: [mythtv-users] Is xfs flaky or is it my drive.  Fedora Core 2, XFS,
Myth .16 and .17

 I have a myth box about 6 months old.  Fedora Core 2, new 200GB drive myth
.16 and .17.

I have the 200GB drive in a volume group for expansion, and its setup XFS
for /video.  I run ok for a few days, then I'm watching something and it
stops in the middle, check the logs and I'm getting XFS errors.  Stop myth,
unmount, xfs_check.. problems get fixed and I run ok for a few days.  Then
the problem reoccur.

So my questions to the great users of myth..

- Are people using XFS and finding it generally stable or flaky like I find
- What are people using as the file system for /video and are you
- Do I need to pull this thing apart and do a surface test on the drive?
- Could there be some things I need to check if you had similiar issues and
resolved them?

Thank you in advance!

Tom Dixon
tdixon at

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