[mythtv-users] Cable Co. QAM via pcHDTV HD3000 vs. STB and Firewire

Nathan Poznick kraken at wang-fu.org
Sat Apr 9 04:35:27 UTC 2005

Thus spake Byron Poland:
> What I'm getting at is what are the chances of getting good quality
> out of QAM (last thing I can thing to do is replace the wire from the
> house to the pole with RG6 QS).  Or will subing to digital cable and
> getting a firewire enabled cable box give me better / more reliable
> quality.
> I am able to get some channels ota, but not all, so thats why I'm
> looking at cable.  plus being able to possibly tune some of the other
> non-hd channels digitally is a nice incentive.

I never got QAM working (Air2PC card, so the frequency locking problem
hit, making the card useless for me).  I'm using the firewire for
capture these days, and since I recently moved, I didn't bother hooking
my PVR-250 back into the cable - I've been letting the firewire port
record everything.  On long HDTV captures, I get some hiccups on
occasion but they're never long - just momentary pixelations.  I don't
recall having any problems at all with the SDTV channels.  The sound
volume on HDTV recordings for me is too low, but then again it's quite
low when I tune it in and watch it through my TV normally (so I think
it's just a general issue with my cable company).  It's nothing that
cranking up the volume can't fix however.

Nathan Poznick <kraken at wang-fu.org>

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