[mythtv-users] Capture to DV or "uncompressed" AVI instead of MPEG-PS?

Gregg Casillo gcasillo at insightbb.com
Sat Apr 9 02:43:44 UTC 2005

I've tried this too. nuvexport fails to create any files. I run Gentoo, and I 
think this is a known issue. Just tired of running down issues. Frankly, 
avidemux hates me. Worked several months ago, but it's not doing what I need 
it to do now.

I encode at a high bitrate, usually 10MBps. I do this to preserve what quality 
there is from my digital cable, and so that I can requantify the video to fit 
perfectly on a DVD5. Hate to waste space on blank DVDs, especially when it 
means a little improvement in video quality.

We're having few issues at work, but lately at home, about 50% of my 
recordings have been flaky. nuvexport complains. mplex complains about the 
cuts I give it from avidemux. Something is fouled up.

Thanks to everyone who responded. If anyone can recommend a good bttv or cx88 
capture card for recording to different formats from MPEG, please e-mail me.


On Thursday 07 April 2005 09:38 pm, Alexander Varakin wrote:
> I am using the following process for achieving the same as you want:
> 1. capture into mpeg2 using PVR250 at 6000kbps
> 2. myth automatically runs commercial  detection
> 3. I open video in myth player and press "E" then "Z" which starts editing
> and loads detected commercials
> 4. I review commercial cuts and change if needed
> 5. encode using nuvtranscode into DVD or whatever
> I always have perfect sync and also encoding offline is always much better
> then hardware encoder of PVR250: I can fit about 5 hours of video on DVD
> with decent quality.
> I was using dumb AVI card before but I had a lot of problems with sync so
> PVR250 is the way to go.
> On Tuesday 05 April 2005 15:44, Gregg Casillo wrote:
> > I've been using several PVR-250s at work and one PVR-350 at home to
> > capture video. All use the ivtv driver; the 250s at capture via scripts
> > and the 350 at home works with MythTV.
> >
> > In short, I hate MPEG-2 files be they .nuv, .vob, .mpg, .m2v, etc. I have
> > had a devil of a time manipulating and editing these files for authoring
> > and burning to DVD. I don't often transcode to smaller types of MPEG-4
> > files. I typically just want to cut commercials, or in the case of movies
> > and broadcasts at work, I want to trim a little off of the beginning and
> > end of these files.
> >
> > Is it possible to capture to DV or "uncompressed" AVI instead of MPEG-2?
> > I understand that these file types are massive, ~13GB/hr. I don't care.
> > For me drive space is less problematic than file manipulation. I also
> > know that this would mean a different capture card. Again, no problem
> > there. I'll shell out anything to get away from MPEG-2 source files.
> >
> > I doubt this is possible in MythTV, but if anyone knows if/how it might
> > be possible to capture to DV or some sort of uncompressed AVI, please let
> > me know.
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