RESOLVED [mythtv-users] Broken playback with 0.17 and PVR 350

Tancred Lindholm tancred.lindholm at
Fri Apr 8 08:04:35 UTC 2005

In reply to my earlier post:

An upgrade of ivtv to 2.0 (rc3i) fixed the playback problem.
The message about /dev/dsp not being available is apparently a bug that 
is known and fixable by a trivial change + recompile.

I also found out that frontend 0.15 and backend 0.17 do not talk to
each other, as the protocol has been bumped from ver 8 to 14.

Also, I didn't find any 0.15 debs anywhere, which makes downgrading less 

Tancred Lindholm wrote:
> I recently upgraded from 0.15 to 0.17 using the Debian packages
> available at
> As a result, playback using the PVR 350 decoder was broken (it worked
> properly before the upgrade). When trying to watch a recording,
> myhtfrontend first announces that it cannot access /dev/dsp (which is
> not in use). When I choose to proceed without sound, only a black screen
> is shown (no audio). Mythbackend seems to work well, though. I use ivtv
> 0.1.9 PAL. dd to /dev/video16 still works
> I found references to this problem in earlier posts, but no solution.
> Any help would be appreciated.
> I am currently leaning towards going back to 0.15. My main concern is
> the database, which has been upgraded to 0.17; will it still work with
> 0.15 or do I have to rebuild it?
> -Tancred
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