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I agree with you about a mix of top and bottom posting.

Not sure what OE has to do with this, I just don't get it, you are
reading messages group by conversation most of the time so you don't
want to scroll all the way to the bottom each time you read the next

Having said that it does make for better forum archiving.


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Ryszard wrote:
> i dont mind top posting, i dont really understand what the fuss is
> about.  its email, its words and letters, and any quoted words and
> letters can be read just as easily if the reply is top or bottom..
> perhaps i just dont find it that difficult.

I think the main reason that people make a point of mentioning it is 
because in a mailing list you don't want a mix of top posters and bottom

posters within a thread (take this one as an example).

The main devs here prefer bottom posting, and I think that is mostly 
because it's conventional in internet posting history (see 

Correct me if I'm wrong somebody, but I believe top posting was 
introduced (to the mass public anyway) by Microsoft in Outlook Express, 
and this was much later on in history.

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