[mythtv-users] widescreen TV out

Blair Preston bpreston at collabras.com
Thu Apr 7 00:37:13 UTC 2005

mplayer -fd -zoom -quiet -aspect 4:3 -vo xv %s  does the trick for me in this

Mark Smith (mark at chez-moi.org.uk) wrote:
> In message <20050404143644.GD19997 at cloud.net.au>
>           Hamish Moffatt <hamish at cloud.net.au> wrote:
> > This works, but I have to change to 'full' mode manually each time I
> > switch to the Myth input on the TV, because it thinks it's a 4:3
> > picture. (The TV allows you to set your default mode for a 4:3 picture,
> > but only among a couple of options, neither of which is right.)
> >
> > Seems that I need to tell the TV that it's a widescreen picture.
> > I gather that widescreen signalling in the picture should do that. Is it
> > possible to configure the NVidia driver to output that?
> I think that the other DVB boxes that I have signal widescreen via one of the
> pins on the SCART connectors. This obviously isn't possible if you're using a
> straight Svideo cable as I am currently.
> I believe there may be other mechanisms in use, but I doubt that the graphics
> cards manufacturers really give this much consideration - hence Myth shows
> 4:3 output on a 16:9 display (and vice-versa) through use of black bars.
> I've just set my TV in 16:9 mode - this is fine unless I want to use the
> image viewer which seems to ignore the aspect ratio setting and assume you
> have a 4:3 display. Mplayer seems to do the same, but fortunately Xine does
> take account of the aspect ratio.
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