[mythtv-users] Not importing complete XMLTV download?

David myth at dgreaves.com
Wed Apr 6 16:51:08 UTC 2005

Sarah Katherine Hayes wrote:

> Greetings,
> I'm encountering a few problems getting the channel guide working in 
> MythTV 0.17 and I've tried everything I can think of so hoped someone 
> here could point me in the right direction.

> I'm in the UK so I'm using Radio Times for my XMLTV data and I've got 
> the pvr machine wired up to a Sky digital box that the box is 
> controlling via a Red Eye serial device, so to acuratley record stuff 
> I need mythtv's program guide going (I think), the weapon of choice is 
> built on Knoppmyth R5A12 and I'm a little unsure how to check for 
> version numbers of specific things... sorry.

sounds like my setup - I'm still on 0.16 though

can you run:
  dpkg-query -s xmltv
That'll get the xmltv version.

it sounds like a mis-mapping between the xmltv ids used in myth and 
those used in tv_grab_uk_rt.
You may need to upgrade xmltv (latest is version 0.5.39-2 I think)

Do you have mysql control centre running anywhere? It'll let you examine 
the myth database tables.
(It runs on windows boxes too)

FYI, here's the script my cronjob runs:
FILE=/myth/listings/"tv_`date +%Y-%b-%d`.xml"
tv_grab_uk_rt > $FILE
if [ \( $? -eq 0 \) -a \( -f "$FILE" \) ]
  mythfilldatabase --no-delete --file 7 -1 $FILE
  echo tv_grab_uk_rt Failed

my xmltv config is attached for a few of the sky channels


-------------- next part --------------
channel motors.tv
channel uk-documentary.flextech.telewest.co.uk 
channel 2.paramountcomedy.com
channel animalplanet.discoveryeurope.com
channel bloomberg.com
channel boomerang.cartoonnetwork.com
channel bravo.co.uk
channel british.eurosport.com
channel cbbc.bbc.co.uk
channel cbeebies.bbc.co.uk
channel channel4.com
channel channel5.co.uk
channel choice.bbc.co.uk
channel civilisations.discoveryeurope.com
channel tv.classicfm.com
channel classic.vh1online.co.uk
channel discoveryeurope.com
channel e4.channel4.com
channel euronews.com
channel europe.cnn.com
channel eurosport.sky.com
channel ftn.tv
channel hallmarkchannelint.com
channel health.discovery.com
channel hits.mtv.co.uk
channel home.discoveryeurope.com
channel gardens.uk-style.flextech.telewest.co.uk
channel plus-1.home.discoveryeurope.com
channel horrorchannel.com
channel itn.co.uk
channel itv2.itv.co.uk
channel itv3.itv.co.uk
channel knowledge.bbc.co.uk
channel livingtv.co.uk
channel 2.livingtv.co.uk
channel meridian.tv.co.uk
channel men.granadatv.co.uk
channel mix.skyone.co.uk
channel mtv.co.uk
channel mtv2europe.com
channel nationalgeographic.co.uk
channel news-24.bbc.co.uk
channel nickelodeon.co.uk
channel paramountcomedy.com
channel performancetv.co.uk
channel plus-1.bravo.co.uk
channel plus-1.discoveryeurope.com
channel plus-1.e4.channel4.com
channel plus-1.nationalgeographic.co.uk
channel plus-1.thehistorychannel.co.uk
channel plus-1.uk-gold.flextech.telewest.co.uk
channel plus-1.uk.cartoonnetwork.com
channel plus-1.ukhistory.tv
channel plus-1.livingtv.co.uk
channel plus-1uk-style.flextech.telewest.co.uk
channel sci-trek.discoveryeurope.com
channel sky-news.sky.com
channel sky-one.sky.com
channel south-east.bbc1.bbc.co.uk
channel south-east.bbc2.bbc.co.uk
channel tcm.turner.com
channel thehistorychannel.co.uk
channel travel.discoveryeurope.com
channel uk-drama.flextech.telewest.co.uk
channel uk-gold-2.flextech.telewest.co.uk
channel uk-gold.flextech.telewest.co.uk
channel uk-style.flextech.telewest.co.uk
channel uk.cartoonnetwork.com
channel uk.scifi.com
channel ukhistory.tv
channel ukbrightideas.tv
channel vh1.co.uk
channel vh2.vh1.co.uk
channel wings.discoveryeurope.com
channel world-tv.bbc.com
channel fxuk.tv

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