[mythtv-users] nVidia FX 5200, TV out and then some

Jonathan Watmough jonathan.watmough at gmail.com
Wed Apr 6 14:21:25 UTC 2005


I have the same problem with the blue borders on the left when viewing
on a TV using the TV out on my 5200 card. I also have a scaling
problem when viewing 'wide' 1920 data, in that the right edge of the
picture gets pushed off the right of the TV. This does *not* happen
when viewing the same data on a CRT, even at the same resolution.

I haven't managed to resolve these yet.
Congratulations on getting stuff working so quickly ;-)

On Apr 6, 2005 6:20 AM, Morten Rønseth <morten.ronseth at webfx.no> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I yesterday received my NVidoa FX 5200 card and installed in my mythbox.
> The box booted up with the "nv" driver so I had to make a quick stop
> over at the nVidia wabsite for installer and instructions on how to
> install the latest driver. 10 minutes later all was well :-)
> Oh joy!
> After wrestling with lame ATI cards for over a month I was delighted to
> see that getting TV output was a doodle. Also, compiling mythtv with
> XvMC enabled oncard assisted mpeg viewing!
> But not all is well in nVidia land :-)
> I found that:
> - when pressing 'm' in view mode, I got a dodgy looking onscreen menu
> (b/wh menu superimposed on the normal - but "jumpy" - colour image). The
> whole TV image was constantly jumping/flickering for the duration of the
> menu. The same happened when pressing 'i' (channel info). This does not
> happen if I disable XvMC assisted mpeg playback in myth.
> - when viewing TV on my 32" Sony widescreeen 100HZ TV (PAL), there was a
> strange blue border to the left and at the top of the image. This was
> only the case when actually viewing TV. This was not the case when
> viewing TV on my CRT.
> - pressing Alt+Ctl+F1 I switch to tty1, which with my old ATI Rage Pro
> card worked well. Now, however, I get a strange "flashing" ascii
> artwork-like "landscape". Looks like the b/wh console screen is totally
> out of whack.
> The first issue I believe might have something to do with my driver (I'm
> using ivtv 0.3.2q, utilising a PVR-150). The other two could be due to
> incorrectly configured screen/monitor settings in xorg.conf, I'll have
> to experiment more with that later.
> If anybody have any pointers or any comments whatsoever, I'd be glad to
> hear from you.
> I'm THIS close to getting the whole shebang to work, and I believe it
> could be just a matter of tweaking configuration settings to get it working.
> I'm running Mandrake 10.1, MythTV 0-17 (latest from cvs), nVidia driver
> 7174, ivtv-0.3.2q, PVR-150, nVidia FX 5200.
> Cheers,
> -Morten
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