[mythtv-users] Configure backend w/o GUI

David myth at dgreaves.com
Wed Apr 6 14:08:00 UTC 2005

Donavan Stanley wrote:

>On Apr 5, 2005 10:18 PM, Devan Lippman <devan.lippman at gmail.com> wrote:
>>is there a way to configure a backend server without using the QT
>>interface?? Having a lot of trouble getting qt to run correctly and
>>I'll prolly never have to use it again once I get the backend
>Qt is a lot more than gui objects and is used throughout the backend,
>the frontend and all the plugins.
That was going to be my response - then I realised he didn't write quite
what I thought he'd written.
Configure as in setup, not the precompile ./configure :)

I think the answer is - you don't use qt to configure a backend.
You use setup/mythsetup from the commandine, possibly edit some files
(eg mysql, xmltv) and use a frontend to do the rest.

If you don't have a working frontend then I wouldn't worry about the
backend since you ain't seeing much no matter whether it's configured or
not ;)


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