[mythtv-users] watch analog and ditial tv on the same card?

Alan Hagge ahagge at wbfa.com
Tue Apr 5 18:18:57 UTC 2005


Hopefully it's not a dumb question, 'cause I want to know too.  I've 
been experimenting since I got my card (about a week ago), and have had 
LIMITED success.  Right now I'm using the dvb drivers (cx88-dvb) for 
ATSC and the cx8800 for NTSC.  But for me, what usually happens is that 
if I start in ATSC mode, I can't switch to NTSC (and vice-versa).

Regarding the mythtvsetup:  I configured two separate tuners: a V4L2 one 
(NTSC) using /dev/video1 (I have a webcam on /dev/video0), and a DVB one 
(ATSC).  Then I set up two separate antennas (one HD, one SD) with 
Zap2It (you have to use 2 different zip codes to set up 2 profiles, 
AFAIK), and tied each to its respective tuner.  And you can select which 
format to use (and thus which tuner) on a per-channel basis (as well as 
having a "global default" which you already found).

I'm using the 2.0 drivers from the pcHDTV website, FC3 and kernel 

BTW, anyone know how to tell MythTV which tuner to use when first 
starting LiveTV?  Mine's defaulting to my NTSC one, and I want the ATSC one.


Xiaotian Sun wrote:

> Hi,
> This may be a dumb question.  Can I watch analog and digital tv using 
> the same pcHDTV-3000 card?  I attempted but without success.
> There is a TV format option in mythtvsetup.  I guess if I selected 
> ATSC I won't be able to watch NTSC channels.  Is this correct?

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