[mythtv-users] How well does commercial detection work?

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Mon Apr 4 01:15:03 UTC 2005

Chris Pinkham wrote:

>Thanks for the debug info (although I'm not sure the whole list wanted
>to see the mythcommflag.out.bz2 file). :)  This should be fixed in
>current CVS, can you update and reflag this show to see if it does it
>correctly now?
I checked out and reran mythcommflag and based on the debug output it 
did not detect those breaks this time.  Thanks for the quick fix.   My 
WAF just increased.  :)  I'll let this version run on next week's shows 
and if I encounter any missed breaks or false positives, I'll try 
adjusting the detection per your previous patch.

BTW, any insight on the narrow filter?  I looked through the filters 
listed on mythtv.org but didn't see one resembling that.


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