[mythtv-users] Satelite service recommendation for use w/ MythTV

Maverick mavantix at gmail.com
Sat Apr 2 08:27:50 UTC 2005

Thanks for letting me know it's dead.. :)

PCI Tuner Cards:
I found one manufacture that makes terrestrial tuner cards:


Of course, you can't view the encrypted channels. Though there's a ton
of 'illegal' sites selling a "Vision PCI" card that supposedly "tunes
everything with the right driver". Of course, no Linux drivers so it's
not even an option.

Dish vs. DirecTV:
Seems like Dish is the way to go. DirecTV's site annoyed me, and as
far as I can tell their cheapest plan is $42/mo, and for that same
amount, I can get Dish's top 60 w/ locals + HD or other similar combos
for similar costs.

As for firewire hacked tuners, I can't seem to find anything, so if
anyone has any info on that, it would be cool. I'd definitely like to
use Myth with satellite, or it's not worth it.

Cable is of course an option, but they are about 30% more expensive
for the same (digital) programming. :( Anyone know if Adelphia does
firewire out on their digital/HD boxes?


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