[mythtv-users] How do you "tune" subchannels in QAM?

Adam Gianola devils.taco at gmail.com
Fri Apr 1 16:26:23 UTC 2005

if i do a full scan, it goes through all the frequencies it was able
to lock on and says something like 'unable to tune' or 'timeout
tuning' or something like that.  if i do a single frequency scan it
hangs at 5% for a long time (overnight).  i really thought that would
work too...

turns out the above method of manually adding the channels hasn't been
perfect, though.  it may be that my machine is only 2.4GHz and can't
handle the full hd signal (should work with XvMC, though).  I tried
recording seinfeld from fox-hd last night and it isn't pretty. about
like what marc described... i'll keep trying...


> What happens if you set up the frequencies that get reported by azap in
> the DVB Transports section, then under scan for channels, you select
> "Scan existing transports"?
> For a bit more detail see: http://www.digitalregime.com/mythdvb/setup/
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