[mythtv-users] Audio Skip and Slow-mo Video Problem (35% CPU)

SpikeyGG spikeygg at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 1 04:28:13 UTC 2005

Hello Everyone,

I've been using my mythbox quite a bit, I have a funky problem.

  I was able to record and watch FOX programs without a hitch.  Anyway, just a couple of days ago I noticed that it's skipping really bad and the video is in slow motion... I can't do anything to fix it.  I tried recording a segment and the playback skips and is in slow-mo as bad as live tv.  The worst thing is I checked the "System Monitor" and I'm only getting like 35% cpu usage!  What's up with that?  The stuff I was watching wasn't even high-def.  Any ideas?

  I have a similar problem with the root channel of ABC as well, it's been like that since I got myth working.  Since I have an alternate ABC channel I wasn't too worried about it but now it's affecting FOX (and there are no alternate FOX channels). :(  Anyway the ABC channel that does it only uses about 22% cpu.

  I've checked the time-stretch, it's at 1.0, I played around with the "extra audio buffers", "use libmpg2 for decoding", "ts instead of ps", and "agressive sound buffering" but none of them do much of anything to fix the problems.  I also tried using ALSA devices instead of /dev/dsp but the same problems persisted.  Someone please help!


--- Running Conditions ---
939pin Athlon 64 3200+
OS - Standard Issue Debian (32-bit)
MythTV - CVS Version (just updated 3/31/2005)
Capture Card - pcHDTV HD-3000
Drivers - Using DVB (kernel
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