[mythtv-users] mythtv box hw

Jason Ahrens jason.ahrens at rogers.com
Thu Sep 30 10:32:46 EDT 2004

On September 30, 2004 10:16, Stephen Tait wrote:
> >I'd like to build my own mythtv box from following hw (plan to purchase):
> >MB & CPU: VIA Epia M10000 or MII 12000
> >RAM: 256MB
> >HDD: 2,5" 4200RPM ~40GB or 3,5"
> >TV: PVR-250 (or PVR-350)?
> Go for the 350 if you want to use the TV-Out and don't want it to tax your
> CPU. You'll find the box quite underpowered compared to, say, a mATX
> running an XP-M 2500. Transcoding to XviD et al will take  along time.

The Epia MII series has a hardware MPEG2 decoder and TV out onboard. You can 
get away with a PVR-250 (that's my plan anyway).

Currently I'm waiting for 
http://www.viaembedded.com/product/epia_sp_spec.jsp?motherboardId=261 to come 
out (supposed to be October) to see how it competes pricewise for the extras 
it has over the MII. The MPEG4 accelerator sounds nice for a network 
connected media system.

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