[mythtv-users] Jarods guide and an Epia board, problem with the kernel?

Christoffer Kj°lbŠk christoffer at kjoelbaek.dk
Wed Sep 29 20:21:07 EDT 2004

tor, 2004-09-30 kl. 01:35 skrev Jarod Wilson:
> On Wednesday 29 September 2004 15:15, Christoffer Kj°lbŠk wrote:
> I more or less followed Red Hat's own "Diskless Environments" chapter out of 
> their RHEL3 docs online. However, its missing a few key elements, like the 
> fact you need busybox-anaconda installed in the diskless image for the 
> machine to boot properly. I started my own writeup a few months back, but 
> haven't had the time to finish it. Basically, set up everything on a hard 
> drive hooked to the thing, get it just how you want it, then rsync everything 
> from / to a directory on your netboot server that will be shared out via NFS. 
> You'll still have to tweak a few things after that, but that's the gist of 
> it.

Ok, but what about the graphic parts? How did you get the Via
graphiccard to work?


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