[mythtv-users] nVidia 6111 Drivers and Blue Border on TV-Out

seth caver at verizon.net
Wed Sep 29 19:55:00 EDT 2004


i have a gentoo box running x.org, fluxbox and mythtv. it only uses the 
TV-out on it's nvidia geforce2 card. until yesterday, when i updated from 
4363, i had no issues. now with 6111 (and this happened with 5336 also, why 
i stuck with 4363) i get a blue border around the top and left of the video 
output. this artifact is hardly noticable on full-screen video (like normal 
TV) but highly distracting for letterboxed DVDs and others. unfortunatly i 
can't go back to 4363 because mythtv segfaults on it.

so, has anyone come accross this issue in the past? any known fixes for it? 
google searches refer to a 'off-by-one error in some XV drivers' but no 
solutions are offered.

thanks for your time. 

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