[mythtv-users] Recordings Randomly Fuzzy w/ PVR-250

Chris Wieringa cwieri39 at calvin.edu
Wed Sep 29 09:51:55 EDT 2004

Yeah, I've had this a little bit too.  I just upgraded yesterday to ck113 from
ck104, so I'm going to see if that fixes it.  I have never seen it in LiveTV,
but I get it fairly frequently (but randomly) on recordings.

Chris Wieringa
cwieri39 at calvin.edu

>>> natet at buckeye-express.com 09/29/04 9:27 AM >>>
Now that you mention it, I have not been able to duplicate the problem in
Live TV either. I don't watch that much live stuff, but haven't had it occur
any of those times. It is not channel dependent either; sometimes one
channel will look great for one recording, then the next one is all fuzzy.

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