[mythtv-users] Question About Cases/Expansion Slots

John Andersen jsa at video.homelinux.org
Wed Sep 29 04:49:02 EDT 2004

On Tuesday 28 September 2004 22:30, Ian wrote:
> Hi,
> Funny, but I would recommend the opposite.  :)
> I've got a 7NIF2 Chaintech motherboard which is an nVidia nForce2 based
> motherboard.  As such, it has onboard video (Geforce 440MX) including an
> svideo tvout.  This is just fine for Myth and many people use it.  I
> bought the MB believing that it also had digital sound out, but this
> newer revision doesn't (misleading website).  So I dropped an Audigy in
> there which has even better sound quality than the motherboard's
> (although I just plan on using the digital out to my amp).  
> Unfortunately that only leaves two pci slots for capture cards and
> nothing else, but I can live with that.

I, too am not sure if i put much stock in the advantage of 
high-end video cards, since, its just TV people! ;-)

I am using a slimline case (Microstar) and it has even lamer on-
board video/audio than Ian's,  (i810) which is why I got the pvr350 with its
own svideo/composit outputs.

Getting the cards in these small boxes can be a problem.  The
PVR350 is 6.5 inches long, and that required me to move the 
hard disk to the floppy slot.  So that's another thing
to watch out for.  Other than that the case is quite small.

Of course the one I have is out of production now
but they do have some choices...


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