[mythtv-users] xbox frontend epg problem...

kirk andersonkirk2 at insightbb.com
Tue Sep 28 23:32:35 EDT 2004

I've ironed out most the bugs with my current setup of Xbox
frontend/2500+ Barton FC1 backend except one...  I can run the frontend
from the same box as the backend and all the program guide data is a.)
correct and b.) present.  I can schedule programs via mythweb, the
scheduler within myth, etc...  However, when I use my Xbox as a remote
frontend, no program data shows up in the epg.  I cannot schedule from
the xbox frontend using the epg, nor can I use the epg within the xbox
frontend as it shows up as "unknown" for everything.  I can, however,
use the program finder to schedule recordings...

Mythfilldatabase executes properly as it fills the epg when I use the
same box as the backend/mythweb.  In fact, I can even browse through
channels and the OSD is correct (so it's communicating w/ the backend
properly?)...  But when I use the epg, all entries show up as unknown. 
Not really a big deal since I don't watch live TV from the Xbox, I only
use it to watch recorded programs.  But, the GAF has decreased since
this problem started occuring :(

Any suggestions?  I've been using Myth since 0.6ish days and Xbox-Myth
since 0.14 and haven't had any problems until I updated to 0.16.  I'm
VERY impressed with Myth and find myself "depending" on it for
entertainment!  Anybody else have this/similar problem(s)?



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