[mythtv-users] Mythweb 0.16 - weather in Celcius?

Chris Petersen lists at forevermore.net
Tue Sep 28 22:08:01 EDT 2004

> this part is done, but I'd like to create a mythweather settings 
> module to allow people to choose between metric and imperial units.

cool.  But can't this be done in myth?

> However, I've never touched php code before and can't find where 
> you're writing settings into the database in order to retrieve them 
> for future use.

That's because I don't (yet).  It currently all lives in php session
data (which is why I moved the session directory out of /tmp, so it
doesn't get wiped when it gets old).

In this case, it might actually be best to change the "global"
preference in the settings table.

> Also what units is UV measured in?  I'd like to take that into 
> account in case it needs to be converted between metric and imperial.
No clue.

> There's a bug in the display of the extended five-day forecast that
> I'm attempting to squash as well before I submit the patch.

Sweet.  I hadn't even had a chance to look into that one (too much
nuvexport stuff lately).


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