[mythtv-users] Frontend Dies under 0.16

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Tue Sep 28 17:15:27 EDT 2004

Mythtv wrote:

> Adam Siegel wrote:
>> I experiece the same problem.  If you are watching a program and hit 
>> record, the backend does its job, but the frontend freezes.  I get a 
>> notice on the screen that the show is being recorded, then about 5 
>> seconds later the picture disappears and I need to restart the frontend.
> I have the same trouble. I am not sure how to troubleshoot this since 
> I install from atrpms and I only see a log for the backend in 
> /var/log/mythtv. Can I turn logging on for the frontend?
Start the frontend from a terminal window.  Check the usage 
(mythfrontend --help) for details on the verbose settings you can use.


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