[mythtv-users] Myth .16 running great on FC2... one more problem...LIRC

Jarod Wilson jcw at wilsonet.com
Tue Sep 28 17:08:53 EDT 2004

On Tuesday 28 September 2004 13:11, Jon Kunze wrote:
> Anyone have any idea on this?


> I haven't seen any replies sinnce my 
> last note. If anyone can help it would be appreciated, as I've yet to
> get lirc working with Myth.

I did see a few things I would change in modprobe.conf, not sure if they'll 
help or not...

> On Tue, 21 Sep 2004 14:08:22 -0400, Jon Kunze <jon99ut at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Ok, I changed my  modprobe.conf to read like this:
> >
> > alias char-major-61 lirc_serial
> > options lirc_serial irq=4 io=0x3f8
> > install lirc_serial /bin/setserial /dev/ttyS0 uart none; /sbin/modprobe
> > --ignore-install lirc_serial 

These three lines should be the only ones relating to lirc_serial.

> > #ivtv modules setup
> > alias char-major-81 videodev
> > alias char-major-81-0 ivtv
> > alias char-major-81-1 ivtv

And these three are the only ones you should have for ivtv.

> > install ivtv /sbin/modprobe msp3400 saa7115 tuner v4l1-compat;

Remove this line.

> > install lirc_serial /sbin/modprobe ivtv; /sbin/modprobe --ignore-install
> > lirc_serial

The equivalent of this line should only used for lirc_i2c. Having the two 
install lirc_serial lines might be causing problems. (The line is used for 
lirc_i2c to make sure ivtv loads before lirc_i2c, since we need to use the 
i2c bus on the ivtv card -- there's no relation between lirc_serial and the 
ivtv card, thus the line isn't needed).

> > options ivtv ivtv_debug=1 tuner=2,2
> > options msp3400 once=0 simpler=1 simple=0

Remove these two lines. Well, unless you're using M179 cards, in which case, 
options ivtv tuner=2,2 is needed.

> > As you can see I added the line you told me to near the top of the
> > file. There is another line near the bottom referring to lirc_serial
> > as well. Should I remove that line?


> > After rebooting I started lircd again and then tried irw with the same
> > results as before.

I'm thinking possibly the second install line for lirc_serial overrode the 
first one, so the setserial stuff never got done. Just shooting in the dark 
(as I often do :-), but worth a shot.

Jarod C. Wilson, RHCE
jcw at wilsonet.com

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