[mythtv-users] Re: Record broadcast television

David Shay david at shay.net
Tue Sep 28 16:21:31 EDT 2004

> > I have my myth box setup and it is working perfectly.  I even have it
> > working with the MediaMVP (very cool).
> Could you give any addtional information on using the MVP along with Myth?
> know a lot of us would like to use the MVP's as remote frontends.

Best source of information is at http://mvpmc.sourceforge.net

Basic steps include:
1)  Downloading the "dongle_build" software from sourceforge site above
2) Running the software on the "factory" dongle.bin (firmware file) to
generate a new firmware with the mvpmc functionality included
3) Setting up a DHCP and tftp server and/or modifying those you already have
to serve up this revised dongle.bin to your MediaMVP
4) Editing a small config file on your tftp server to tell it what NFS
mounts you need and where your myth server is

This is all fairly well documented on the site above.  Please feel free to
ask more questions here or addressed to me directly.  It took a little bit
of effort to make it all work (especially wirelessly... the box has a built
in ethernet adapter but I had no real ability to run cable to it...), but it
was well worth it.  Right now, it can browse and play mythtv recorded shows,
and browse NFS filesystems to play music, pictures, other MPEG videos, etc.
In the future, the developers expect to be able to add the ability to delete
and schedule recordings, but this will take a bit of work and potentially
protocol extensions.  If you really just want to
watch TV shows, there isn't a much better deal (as long as your back-end
records to MPEG-2, anyway).

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