[mythtv-users] 'mythfilldatabase --quiet' isn't very quiet

seth caver at verizon.net
Tue Sep 28 13:23:26 EDT 2004

i, as i would imagin most do, have a daily cron job 'mythfilldatabase.crom'. 
it cats as follows...

#! /bin/sh
su - mythtv -c "/usr/bin/mythfilldatabase --no-delete --quiet"

...pretty straight forward.  even with the 'quiet' switch, though, i recieve 
emails daily that document the normal processes that transpire on a standard 
'mythfilldatabase' command.  i'm curious as to weather there's an even 
quieter switch i could be using to eliminate the feedback alltogether unless 
there's warnings or errors.  or perhaps i'm usign it incorrectly in some 
way?  or perhaps there really is no 'quiet' mode and this is just a left 
over switch from the days of the external listings grabber?

thanks for your help.

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