[mythtv-users] Problem with new version of X

Jeff Morrow jmorrow at jmorrow.org
Tue Sep 28 12:40:00 EDT 2004

> TV card: Pinnacle PCTV (bttv driver, v0.9.15)
> Video card: nVidia NV11 (GeForce2 MX/MX 400)

My next step was to purchase a couple of el-cheapo video cards from 
Fry's.  I tried both an SiS315E card and a Radeon 7000.  Both worked, 
but the SiS315E card didn't support xv, so video was unwatchably slow 
and choppy.  The Radeon 7000 seems to work fine.

It seems like my original problem could just be an X bug.  However, I 
don't know enough about what MythTV is trying to do to file an 
intelligent bug report.  Can someone out there help me?


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