[mythtv-users] MythTV question and suggestions

Chris Dee chris at unpleasant.net
Mon Sep 27 22:29:40 EDT 2004

I've a question and some suggestions for MythTV, first the question:

is it possible to record shows based on regular expressions? I'd like to 
record programms that always have the same beginning of the title, but 
the last part changes. If so, how?

And now for the suggestions:

Releasing a minor update for .16 with the current translations in cvs 
for the new menu and mythweb stuff.

A status container at the bottom of the menus for scrolling information. 
I'm thinking about RSS news feeds, amount of new mail, free HD space, 
mythtv status messages, Caller-ID and lots more. A bit like the OSD 
scroller but in the menus.

A myth aware screensaver plugin architecture that works in menus or if 
the video is paused. Screensavers that come to mind are a random slide 
shows of your photos, scrolling RSS feeds, ...

A happy MythTV user,


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