[mythtv-users] LeadTek WinFast TV2000 Remote Control & Sound Problems

Phillip Gersekowski philg at thenetworktech.net
Mon Sep 27 21:28:21 EDT 2004

I recently got MythTV Setup on a new box with 2 x LeadTek WinFast TV2000
Deluxe TV Tuner Cards. 

Evenything is working well except for two small issues.

The Specs of the installation are

SuSE 9.1 Professional
Linux Kernel 2.6.4-52 (Default SuSE-9.1 installed)
AMD Sempron 2400
nVidia FX 5500 with TV Out connected to Television
512 Mb Ram
2 x LeadTeck Winfast TV2000 Cards
On Board Sound (VT8233/A/8235 AC97)
PCI Sound Card  (CMI8738/C3DX)
MythTV 0.16 - sourec compile
1 x 200Gb EIDE HD (Video Storage)
2 x 18 Gb LVD SCSI Drives (OS)

The problems that I am haing are:

1. The remote is basically working. The problem is that some of the
buttons are duplicated and are not unique. Information I have found on
the web that the probles are related to the detection of the Remote by
the newer version of Lirc (I am running lirc-0.7.0cvs20040308-30) and/or
possibly a newer (or more appropriate) /etc/lircd.conf is required.

Can anyone shed any light on the best solution to this problems ? Does
anyone have a working lirc installation or config file that works.

2. The appears to be a problem with the sound from the second sound card
(PCI based card) that is connected to the Second TV Tuner Card. The
Sound quality and volume are good from the Primary card, but of the
second card there is a noticable background hiss and some other
electronic pops and whistles. These are really only noticable when the
audio in either the TV Show or recordnig is quite low. The problem 
appears both in Live TV Viewing and Watching Recordings and also occurs
on remote frontends. 

The problem seems to be reduced by reducing the PCM volume on the master
sound channel, but this seems to reduced the volume level of the
recording so much so that when playing back a recording you have to turn
the TV Volume right up.

Has anyone else experience this or could shed any light of the potentail


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