[mythtv-users] MythDVD killed Alsa sound output

Agent Yubby yubby at lanset.com
Mon Sep 27 18:23:10 EDT 2004

I'm using a DE100c (HP MP3 player) as my MythTV system (one of several 
people adventurous enough to try it), and have successfully performed an 
RPM-only installation of version .16 of MythTV and MythMusic  (with only 
2 minor 'kludges' to the install/config).

It's video and audio hardware are based on the Intel i810e chip, which 
provides analog and digital sound outputs...

Everything was working fine (except for the issue mentioned in my 
previous post about the 'tinny' MP3 sound from anything less that 
48khz),  until I installed MythDVD and both "mplayer" and "xine"...

I didn't keep a constant watch on how MythTV (and MythMusic) were 
working during the installs,  and only know that I got both "mplayer" 
and "xine" functioning (IMHO,  "xine" is the best choice).

So, after watching a couple of DVD's and finding the best 'startup' 
command to launch the application from the Myth menus
( nice -20 xine --fullscreen --hide-gui --no-logo --no-splash 
--deinterlace dvd://  )
I went back to MythTV to watch what had been recorded during the day...

No sound...  Nothing,  nada (nunca)...

There's no sound output from any Myth applications,  or external apps 
like XMMS.   I tested the files themselves (playing as Mpeg2 using 
Windows Media Player),   but even "xine" can output sound when playing 
the files (but can, when playing DVD's).

Is there some setting (like the audio 'passthru') that screwed up Myth 
??    I don't see any config files modified (i.e. "/etc/modules.conf") 
and "alsamixer" still shows the IEC958 device activated (non-muted).

What did I do ??   Do I have to wipe the disk, and start over again ??  
(hep me !!  hep me !!)

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