[mythtv-users] Epia MII PCMCIA problems

James Tyson james at giantrobot.co.nz
Mon Sep 27 17:07:50 EDT 2004

> Hi,
> Is there anyone out there with a functioning 802.11g PCMCIA card in an 
> Epia
> MII?  I am having trouble getting mine (Netgear WG511) to power up.
> Here is something I found that says that some card controllers don't 
> do so
> well under Linux and refuse to provide power.  Unfortunately, the 
> controller
> on the Epia MII is one of the offenders (It is a Ricoh Co Ltd RL5c476 
> II, I
> think).  Anyways, the site is at: http://pcmcia.arm.linux.org.uk/
> So, if anyone has been successful in getting their PCMCIA card to 
> work, please
> let me know.

I've had no problem getting 16 bit PCMCIA cards to work (I've tested 
Lucent WaveLan Bronze (2Mb) and Silver (11Mb)) but when I put in a 
cardbus card - such as a LevelOne 802.11g card I just get an error 
about unable to allocate memory (I saw something about this on the 
forums on epiawiki.org, but was unable to make it work).

Hope that helps.

James Tyson
If it's gigantic, it's probably something to do with us.
Giant Robot Ltd, http://www.giantrobot.co.nz/
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