[mythtv-users] best setup in my case

Jack Burghardt jack at colades.dyndns.org
Mon Sep 27 12:15:40 EDT 2004

Albert Ulmer wrote:

>I'm evaluating MythTV for use as my main TV recording and viewing
>software. I've got every room networked with everything terminating in
>a 19" rack in my closet, where I also have cable access.
>I'd like to run a few networked frontends without a TV capture card
>which are connect to the backend over the network.
>1. Is this possible at all? Can the frontends get live video streams
>from the backend's TV capture card?
>Yes you will need few capture cards if you want be able to watch diffrent shows at the same time on frontends. 
>2. Is there any way to run the backend in "headless" mode, without a
>TV or monitor connected? How can I make changes to the configuration
>of MythTV without myth-setup?
>I run my backend server without monitor and works fine and I use vnc server and client to run myth-setup. It would be nice if mythweb coud handle setting cards up and video sources.
>Any help is appreciated!
>Best regards,
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