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Subject: [mythtv-users] best setup in my case

> I'm evaluating MythTV for use as my main TV recording and viewing
> software. I've got every room networked with everything terminating in
> a 19" rack in my closet, where I also have cable access.
> I'd like to run a few networked frontends without a TV capture card
> which are connect to the backend over the network.
> 1. Is this possible at all? Can the frontends get live video streams
> from the backend's TV capture card?

Yes, this is one of the best things about mythtv.  Of course you'll need a 
capture card per frontent if everyone wants to view live tv.

> 2. Is there any way to run the backend in "headless" mode, without a
> TV or monitor connected? How can I make changes to the configuration
> of MythTV without myth-setup?

myth-setup is for configuring the back end only.  mythfonrtend has the 
"setup" configuration for each/any frontend.  You can run myth-setup from 
any frontend too assuming you can forward your X packets from the backend 
machine to the frontend machine  (via ssh)


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