[mythtv-users] Slow motion on channel change

Ciaran ciaranj at gmail.com
Mon Sep 27 02:47:09 EDT 2004

Hi, I've recently gotten 0.16 running on my Asus Pundit(S) with a
Hauppage/evil Nova-T PCI Card (the 909 model).  This is connected to
the TV via a s/video cable.

I have 2 problems, the first just strange the second irritating.
1) When changing a channel, there is a couple of seconds delay
(expected, not a problem, I guess I'm catching up with the ol'
ringbuffer, the old tap + bucket-drip problem) However after I start
seeing a video stream and hearing an audio stream, the video stream
appears to be going in slow motion and not quite synched.  Then after
say another 2 seconds the video stream accelerates in speed to
'normal' speed and is synched to the audio correctly.  Is there anyway
to fix this, i.e. is this a problem or is it normal behaviour?  I've
searched the lists and the various myth related forums and my searches
don't turn up the exact problem.  I've enabled the 'extra audio
buffering' ...any ideas?

2) Through the S/video link white appears to be red/blue/green
flickering stripes, quiet hard to explain the effect, but it gives
people an 'evil' look to their eyes and is quite distracting, has
anyone else seen this with their connections (I'm hoping this is a
common problem) and can tell me a) What it is and b) how to fix it?

Thanks, I'm loving myth-tv so far, just got to get the programme
guides in to make it more usable :)

- Ciaran
http://www.wombatinvasion.com/ (Share the love)

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