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David Hampton hampton at employees.org
Sun Sep 26 20:03:21 EDT 2004

On Fri, 2004-09-17 at 17:07, Curtis Stanford wrote: 
> OK, I'll see what I can do. Keep in mind I'm using Gentoo. There are a few 
> steps you need to do:

I'm trying to follow your recipe to get my epia frontend running.

> 1. I'm using the kernel ebuild torsti-dev-sources- from 
> http://www.iwm-kmrc.de/intern/staff/tkurbad/projekte/linux/gentoo/ebuilds/sys-kernel/torsti-dev-sources. 
> Make sure you include the via drm driver as a module. I'm also using the 
> option to build the kernel to an alternate directory (in my 
> case /var/tmp/kernel) so that the lirc modules will build later.

I used the kernel.org sources and applied the -epia patch.

> 2. Then I checked out the latest via drm driver from CVS: "cvs 
> -d :pserver:anonymous at dri.freedesktop.org:/cvs/dri co drm". Then go the 
> drm/linux directory and type 'make LINUXDIR=/usr/src/<your linux src 
> directory> DRM_MODULES=via' When make finishes, copy via.ko 
> to /lib/modules/<your kernel>/kernel/drivers/char/drm. Make sure you rmmod 
> the old module and modprobe the new one (i.e. rmmod via; modprobe via)

This doesn't work for me.  When I try to insmod the new via.ko, the
system complains that the via_v4l_drv module is missing.  According to
the Epia Patches page, via_v4l_drv was dropped in favor of the new drm
or the unichrome XvMC code.  I'm still using the drm module from the
kernel.org sources.

> 3. Get the latest Xorg 6.8.0 sources and build according to the instructions 
> (i.e. make World) and then install using make install.


> 4. Follow the Unichrome howto to get the via_drv and XvMC stuff working. I 
> went to the Xorg subdirectory xc/programs/Xserver/hw/xfree86/drivers and ran 
> 'cvs -d :pserver:anonymous at cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/unichrome co 
> xfree86'. Go one directory up and 'mv via via.orig; ln -s xfree86 via'. Type 
> 'make Makefiles'. Go back to the xfree86 directory, type 'make; make 
> install'. Now you should have the unichrome X via driver.

Done.  The latest Xorg sources appear to be identical to the unichrome
sources.  I.E. 'diff -r' doesn't show any differences other than the CVS
directory.  As mentioned in your sf doc, I do see the line in Xorg.0.log
that says:

(II) VIA(0): [XvMC] Initialized XvMC extension.

> 5. For the XvMC driver, go to your Xorg subdirectory xc/programs/lib/XvMC/hw 
> and run 'cvs -d :pserver:anonymous at cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/unichrome co 
> libxvmc'. Then do 'ln -s libxvmc via'. vi the file ../Imakefile and change 
> the line that reads 'SUBDIRS = hw/i810' to read 'SUBDIRS = hw/i810 hw/via'. 
> Then 'cd ..' and type 'make Makefiles'. Then go back to hw/via and type 
> 'make; make install'. You also need to 'cp 
> vldXvMC.h /usr/include/X11/extensions'. Now your XvMC driver should be there.

Done.  BTW, the sf doc says to copy the file named viaXvMC.h.

> 6. Check out the latest mythtv and uncomment the two sections on XVMC in 
> settings.pro. Compile and install mythtv. Hopefully at this point, things 
> should be working.

The first section looks to be for NVIDIA.  I uncommented the second for
via XvMC support.

I had several compile failures, all related to trying to include
viaXvMC.h.  I linked vldXvMC.h to viaXvMC.h, and the compilation
finished without any problem.  Myth seems to be working without any

Thanks for posting your guide.

I have only one problem remaining with my system, and it doesn't appear
to be myth related.  On the TV screen I see a black border surrounding
the screen.  This border is obvious from the moment FC2 starts booting. 
Any ideas how I can tweak the Via S-Video output to get rid of this
border?  My receiver multiplexes four other video sources into the same
set of tv inputs, and all those other sources look great, so I don't
want to tweak the tv settings at all.  I've tried xvidtune and it
doesn't seem to have any effect at all on the screen output.


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