[mythtv-users] mysterious lockups

Tim Sailer tps at buoy.com
Sun Sep 26 12:30:27 EDT 2004

I had started off with Mythtv using a ATI Wonder VE card. It worked well, 
but caused high load on my box if I was watching live TV. I replaced
it with a PVR-250, and now I'm getting complete system lockups. No network,
no keyboard, nothing, Just hvae to powercycle. It's worse when I'm using
mythfrontend on my notebook to watch TV across the 802.11g network, but
thinking it may be a network issue, I watched live tv from the console,
and it still locked up, just not as often. Remotely, either live or streaming
recorded shows, within 15 minutes, it's gone. Locally, it takes up to 40

Pointers, anyone?


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