[mythtv-users] Re: pvr-250MCE, debian and kernel 2.6 woes...

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Sat Sep 25 17:02:38 EDT 2004

On 09/25/2004 11:09 AM, Christopher Flynn wrote:

>Ok, I'm feeling a little stupid right now... I've never applied a patch before.
>Theoretically I know you should do: patch -p0 < patchfilename
-p0 is only used if you want to use all the path information in the

> however
>the link sends me to a discussion forum and the 6? patch files are all
>inline with the rest of the text. I tried to get what I though was the
>patch for 2.6 and download it to a file and patch it like above but
>it's not working. (cannot find file to patch).
because the patch at that location was set up so that within the source
directory, you would use -p1 or from one above the source directory
(assuming your source directory is called linux-, you would
use -p0.

>My setups is that my source is in /usr/src/kernel-source-2.6.8/ and I
>have a symlink /usr/src/linux that points to that.
However, your source directory is not called that, so you need to be
within the source directory and use -p1.

>Also I noticed the
>line: diff -Naur linux-
>linux- at the top, is this part
>of the file or the command I need to run or the command he ran to
>create the patch? I'm thinking the last.
It's actually part of the patch file.  It tells patch where to find the
files (given the appropriate -p option for your system).


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