[mythtv-users] MythMusic - tinny sound due to 48khz Alsa conversion ?

Agent Yubby yubby at lanset.com
Sat Sep 25 00:22:19 EDT 2004

I'm using a DE100c (HP MP3 player) as my MythTV system (one of several 
people adventurous enough to try it), and have successfully performed an 
RPM-only installation of version .16 of MythTV and MythMusic  (with only 
2 minor 'kludges' to the install/config).

It's video and audio hardware are based on the Intel i810e chip, which 
provides analog and digital sound outputs...

I've run into the same issue I had when using .14 which is the audio 
from MythMusic sounding 'tinny' (the high-end 'treble' frequencies are 
'screechy' or 'echoing'.

At that time, I couldn't figure out why MythTV didn't have the issue, 
but only MythMusic.   But now,  I found that when I play 48khz MP3's, 
the issue is gone.   At that point, I realized that my MythTV audio 
streams were also at 48khz.   The problem occurs when using the optical, 
or coax digital outputs on the unit, but not when using the analog 
(copper cable) connections... (which I don't want to use, since the 
digital output sound so nice)

So, there seems to be an issue,  where 44khz (and below) audio streams 
are being 'distorted',  probably by the 'uplift' of the frequency by the 
Alsa driver.

Has anyone else run into this issue ?   Is it just a matter of making a 
'slave device' which can be used in MythMusic for the lower frequency 
recordings ??
Does this previous thread apply ?

If anyone is interested in the unit itself,  here's one of the websites 
dedicated to it:

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