[mythtv-users] Increasing recording time

Bill Chmura Bill at Explosivo.com
Fri Sep 24 14:33:20 EDT 2004

On Friday 24 September 2004 02:09 pm, Kendric Beachey wrote:
> I bet if Myth implements such a feature, TiVo will copy it sometime
> down the road.  Then we'll know for sure who's leading the way.  ;-)
> (disclaimer:  I only have a Series 1 TiVo, and don't know if Series 2
> boxes already do this.)

Business 2.0 (the magazine) had an article on Tivo that I never really 
finished reading (I've been moving).  The gist is that they hired some super 
software guru to lead them into the future.   The plan for the future of 
PVR's (from what I remember) is that the next generation will bring all of 
your digital media together in one box... mp3, digital pictures, weather 
reports, etc, etc...

Of course they are paying this guy godly sums of money...  that probably 
explains why no one doing myth has thought of those futuristic features.  Boy 
I would give my left one to be able to play my MP3's through myth.  [for 
those of a denser nature - that was sarcasm]

If I unpack the article sometime soon, I will finish reading it and let you 
all know if there was anything else.


Bill Chmura

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